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Stern Front Molding Lockdown Bar Receiver Assembly For Lockdown Bars With Center *FIRE* Button - 500-7237-00

Onze prijs: 94,95 (78,47 excl. BTW)
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Stern front molding lockdown bar assembly for lockdown bars with center *FIRE* button.

Comes with tension spring 265-5008-00 (not shown).

The lockdown receiver bar is used on the following Stern machines:
AC/DC Premium
AC/DC Let There Be Rock LE
AC/DC Back In Black LE
AC/DC Luci Premium
Mustang Premium
Mustang LE
Star Trek Premium
Star Trek LE
The Walking Dead Premium
The Walking Dead LE

Please note:  This receiver bar is NOT used on the Pro models of the above machines or any Stern machine that uses a dual latch style lockdown bar.

Stern part #500-7237-00.

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