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Flipper Fidelity 8" Subwoofer

Onze prijs: 59,90 (49,50 excl. BTW)
Prijs in waardepunten: 248 punten
Waardepunten verdiend: 5 punten

These premium speakers are made exclusively by Flipper Fidelity, manufacturer of fine replacement speaker systems for modern day pinball machines. Each component has been engineered to deliver the best overall performance, appearance, and value to the pinball machine owner. 

These systems enhance the player’s enjoyment by adding larger speakers capable of a broad frequencies creates more energy and more bass. Additionally, the co-axial backbox speakers improve clarity. They'll unleash sounds not heard before, making the game sound more natural.

This high quality 8" subwoofer is made exclusively for Flipper Fidelity and have been optimized for the parameters of a pinball cabinet.

120 Watts RMS
240 Watts Max
Paper cone
Rubber surround

Flipper Fidelity

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