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Homepin A-16926 A-16927 Trough Opto Board Set (7 optos)

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Onze prijs: 89,95 (74,34 excl. BTW)
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Replaces WMS set part #s A-16926 (RX) and A-16927 (TX).

Fits: Demolition Man, Indiana Jones, Judge Dredd, Popeye Saves The Earth & Star Trek - The Next Generation.

This board is freshly available from extensive development. The originals use large resistors that get hot, burn the board and fall off. These boards are a direct replacement with many upgraded features. Indicator LEDs make fault finding a breeze and beefed up tracks prevent board damage when changing faulty opto LEDs.


  • Suits: Demolition Man, Indiana Jones, Judge Dredd, Popeye Saves The Earth & Star Trek - The Next Generation
  • Direct replacements for the original boards
  • Holes for Infrared LEDs are oversized to make it VERY easy to change faulty LEDs in the future
  • Tracks coming from LED pads are beefed up to prevent lifting when soldering (if you ever need to)
  • No electronic knowledge required - simply remove screws and plugs and new boards mount in exactly the same position as the originals
  • Additional NEW 2 LEDs mounted on the TX board indicate operation of the 7 TX LEDs - visable by looking through the coin door
  • 7 LEDs indicate when RX beam is broken - makes confirming operation very simple
  • NO modifications at all to the original machine in any way and NO soldering required
  • Boards can be removed at any time in minutes and leave no trace they were ever in the machine
  • Both LM339 ICs are socketed using high quality "turned pin" sockets
  • Fix those 'flaky' trough ball issues once and for all



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