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MDPC-X Heatshrink 4:1 MEDIUM - Clear / Transparant - 1 meter

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Transparent heat-shrink 4:1 MEDIUM by MDPC-X.
The offered lengths of Transparent heat-shrink 4:1 MEDIUM are based on meters (m). 1 m is ~3.3 feet, 10 m is ~33 feet, etc.

Here we go with the next generation of our heat-shrink. Extreme grip without glue, 4:1 shrink ratio, going from 13.8 mm ID down to 3.5 mm. Extreme resistance to fire.

Melt together your connector plastic and cable sleeving... and take it off, or just use it traditionally as an almost invisible heat shrink with its 0.25 mm thickness at initial ID.

- 4:1 shrink ratio.
- Initial 13.8 mm ID for total clearance when moving the heat-shrink over many connectors and the cable sleeving in every situation.
- Shrinking down to 3.5 mm for maximum grip and compression on the cable and sleeving.
- See the cable sleeve through the heat-shrink for a 100% precise positioning of the sleeving.
- See the melting process of the cable sleeving through the heat-shrink while doing the “shrinkless method”. With some practice, you can often melt together the connector plastic material with the cable sleeving.
- Extremely soft material for the most extreme grip on wires and cable sleeve without the use of glue.
- Ultra-thin material (0.25 mm at initial diameter) combined with extreme transparency, almost invisible on top of cable sleeving.
- Dielectric strength of 22 kV/mm. Shrink temperature (Min) of only 90°C. Constant operating range at temperatures from -60°C to +140°C. Extremely good short term resistance to fire, especially important for the “shrinkless” melting technique.
- Made in Germany only for MDPC-X. Globally unique product in a class of its own.

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