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*Decorative* T-Virus Reservoir - Amber - *for show only*

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*Decorative* T-Virus Reservoir - Amber - *for show only*

****Awesome replica of the T-Virus reservoir from Resident Evil****
***These reservoirs are not for use in a watercooling setup, the acrylic tube will crack as it is too fragile***
**Use it as a decorative item or salvage it for parts (UV CCFL, fittings, reservoir clamps etc.)**
*Looks great at your gaming spot, game room, computer etc., much better than a cheesy photoframe for example*

The helix is made of high quality fluorescent cast acrylic rod that comes in four different colors. The helix is illuminated beautifully by a powerful 8” (20cm) UV cold cathode.

- Each reservoir comes with a Bitspower G1/4" Chrome Fill Plug
- Each reservoir comes with a Logisys UV CCFL bulb, which has much better compatibility with a variety of inverters. The previous bulbs had many inverter compatibility issues.
- Full threaded Delrin end caps seal to the tube with high grade BN50 o-rings
- Light tube is threaded at both ends for increased safety and aesthetic value, no glue or solvents involved
- Helix insert is modular, and can be taken off if need be. The insert secures to the bottom Delrin block by snapping on to two brass pins embedded in the base of the Delrin block.
- IceCaps are still available in 10 different colors, the new IceCaps are made from 1/16" wall aluminum alloy, and slide perfectly over the Delrin caps, eliminating the need for set screws or thumb screws to hold them in place.
- Eventually, the fluorescent red helix's are going to be available only a separate insert, I am replacing them with the blood red acrylic.
- Helix core has an oval disc on the top that helps to snap the helix into alignment when the top cap is screwed on, this helps to keep the helix straight and in place at all times.

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