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HelioGemCDR™ Coin Drop Replacement Pushbutton - Push for Credit - Red

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If you don't have a coin door on your cabinet, then you need one or two of these babies!. They are designed to look like the coin slots of the old days, but don't need coins to add credits. Just press on the red translucent face. The light source in these can be used with an LED-Wiz for animation purposes, or can be wired directly to the 12vDC line of your PC's power supply for constant on.
NovaGemCDR™ Coin Drop Replacement Pushbutton - Push for Credit - Red

NOTE: It is virtually impossible to photograph the actual color of these. The image above shows a yellow-orange light, but these buttons throw a deep, bright RED light.

  • Specially designed to take advantage of the powerful output capabilities of the LED-Wiz
  • Ready-to-Use Illuminated "Coin-Drop" replacement. No Soldering Required!
  • Amazing custom 1/2 watt light source. Packs the intensity of 9 normal Superbright LED's inside each button!
  • Wide angle of illumination evenly lights the entire face.
  • Incredible Efficiency. Virtually no heat compared to conventional lights. Will last for many years with no bulbs to replace!
  • Legend is printed on outdoor-grade, self adhesive vinyl with pigmented inks and is die-cut. It won't fade or wrinkle.
  • Pre-Attached, extra-long 48" lighting wires which may be modified to any length. (Helio9 RGB version includes 24" color coded wires)
  • Includes microswitch and plastic retaining nut (.25" Terminals)

Power Requirements:
HelioLED Single color: 50ma @ 12v DC Per button.
Helio9 RGB: 200ma @ 5v DC Per button.
HelioLED Single Color Connection:
The switch holder assembly will have 2 wires attached to them. One is RED and the other is BLACK. The BLACK lead goes to the LED-Wiz (or Ground if not dynamically controlled.) The RED wire goes to +12vDC.
Helio9 RGB Connection:
This option has 4 wires pre-attached. Red, Green and Blue are connected to the LED-Wiz Outputs. The White wires goes to +5vDC.
Be sure that the power requirements for the device are met properly, otherwise damage may occur to the button, and/or components the power is being drawn from. GroovyGameGear / IDVT Inc. will assume no responsibility for damages caused by improper use.
Dimensional Information:

The .125" circles are two small studs on the back surface. They are there to maintain orientation of the button. The threaded portion is .937" long. The depth from the top of the panel is about 2", including the switch.

The button is convertible, and can additionally be made "low-profile" by removing the body component and installing into a 1.1" x 1.8" cut-out or pocket, if so desired.

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