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Zebsboards RGB Flasher Lightbar with Strobes

Onze prijs: 139,95 (115,66 excl. BTW)
Prijs in waardepunten: 579 punten
Waardepunten verdiend: 12 punten

Add some BLING to your cab!
These bars are 2-1/2" wide and come in 20-1/2" (52cm) and 23-3/8" (60.6cm) lengths and host 5 x 350ma RGB LEDs with clear lenses and 2 x White Bright Strobes on each side.

Finished in a black textured finish with 2 coats of clear they have a satin sheen that my camera just won't capture.
They come pre-wired with 3" (90cm) of wiring per LED as a standard product.

Please select the length of bar in the drop down menu above.


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