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Schuko Stroomkabel / Power Cable / Netsnoer Schuko Male - IEC-320-C13 1.80 m Zwart

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Onze prijs: 4,95 (4,09 excl. BTW)
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PSU Powercable EU 1.8M

Whether the power cable that came with your equipment are too long or too short, you can find replacement cables in the perfect length right here. The standard EU wall plug (2 pin) to PC connector (IEC C13) cable was made commonplace by PC power supplies. Today, they can be found providing power connections for many different products such as computers, monitors, printer, projectors and HDTV's. 

These cables are great for replacing damaged cables or for keeping cables neat and tidy by allowing you to use only the lengths you need.

18AWG is a standard gauge cable and will work perfectly in most applications. These cables are designed to carry up to a 10 amp, 125 volt load. They are safe, strong and reliable.

Color: Zwart
Length: 1.80 meter
Input/Output: 220-240V

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